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Here are just a few of the patient testimonials we have collected over the years.

A Truly Effective Treatment Modality
I have been blessed to work with Patty for over 15 years. Patty is an excellent practitioner, both with acupuncture and with Chinese herbs. The treatments are comfortable and relaxing. Patty is professional, knowledgable and kind. She has treated me for a variety of ailments and imbalances over the years, and in every instance the acupuncture and herbs have been a truly effective treatment modality. I wholeheartedly recommend Patty as an acupuncturist, herbalist and energy worker.
Mary Harbison
Patty is a Healing Angel!!
I came to Patty 2 1/2 years ago, after "Western" medicine failed me. I battled with enormously intense, severely painful menstrual cramps. With the use of herbs and acupuncture, Patty cured me of the monthly pain I endured for 17 years.

Patty also helped me with the most difficult time in my life. My mother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and needed 24 hour a day care. I was taking care of her for 11 months until she passed away. I had no other source of stress relief, because I took care of her 24 hours a day 7 days a week. I don't know what I would have done without Patty's assistance. The stress was immeasurable, yet Patty managed to make it bearable.

Patty is a warm, caring person who has a special gift for natural healing. I am so grateful I have been able to work with her!
Andreia Shotwell
A Higher Quality of Life
Whether you seek relief from a common cold, stress, or a more serious chronic ailment, Patty and her needles will take care of everyone in the family. She has changed my life by allowing me to live pain free after enduring 25 years of back pain. Patty's treatments brought relief to my son's worst asthma episodes and helped eradicate chronic pneumonia. Thanks to her treatments my children are extremely healthy and don't ever suffer from a cold for more than a day or two, and our parents enjoy a higher quality of life. Patty's kindness and talent are a magic combination for our family's well being.
Laure McConnell
A Really Nice Acupuncturist
Patty is a really nice acupuncturist. The herbal medicine she gives me helps me get over colds quicker. I like her office because it feels cozy.
Jaya K. (10 years old)
We've been taking our daughter, Jaya, to Patty for acupuncture since she was in 2nd grade. Jaya had missed 3 days of school due to a virus that took about 10 days to fight off. After taking her to Patty for acupuncture, cupping, herbs, etc., Jaya's immune system got the support it needed to fight the virus and clear the symptoms in half the time. This meant Jaya could go to school healthy and able to learn and I could go back to work quicker. I love bringing Jaya to see Patty, however our visits lately are more preventative and fewer and far between because acupuncture has helped Jaya's immune system get quite strong.
S. Larrea
Patty possesses the combination of intuition and experience with Chinese Medicine to promote healing. Patty has helped speed along colds and offer nutritional advice that is actually accepted by my 10-year-old daughter.
Mike K., PT
Balance and Harmony
Over the years, Patty has helped keep my body in balance and harmony, or bring it back into balance and harmony after a heath crisis such as surgery. Patty's acupuncture acumen is my go-to source of alternative medical help. Plus she's fun to be with and has a great laugh!
Sue Thoele
Gentle and Highly Effective
I have been receiving acupuncture treatments from Patty for over 15 years. Through Patty's work I have received relief and healing for a variety of ailments - from a respiratory virus picked up while traveling to a sprained wrist to free-floating anxiety. I find Patty's work to be gentle and highly effective. The Chinese herbal supplements she has suggested as part of her treatment support the work long after I leave the treatment. Patty gets right to the core of the presenting issue, providing relief and healing in an efficient, proactive way. Her caring and expertise are a mainstay in my body care.
Cindy Morris
Keeps Me Working
As a nurse I am on my feet all day, every day. A chronic problem so many nurses have because we are always on our feet is plantar fasciitis. Seeing Patty at least once a month not only keeps me working but keeps me out of pain. I am so thankful for the results of regular visits to Boulder Acupuncture. The benefits help so many different parts of my life!
Toni Sugg
Major Life Change
Back in 2010, I developed a recurring pain in my neck. Being a regular yoga practitioner, I was frustrated that I just couldn't seem to work it out during class. I tried multiple massages and trips to the chiropractor before being referred to Patty. I knew very little about acupuncture, and to be frank, I was a skeptic. When I met with Patty, she talked to me for a while to get to know my current situation, and then she got me up on the table. That first session moved so much energy that I went home that evening and took on a major life change. It turns out that the pain in my neck and shoulder were a result of stuck energy and emotion. And with the energy flowing again, my pain was gone. Needless to say, I was no longer skeptical. Patty has treated me on and off for years now, and I trust her completely and am eternally grateful to her for helping me fix that pain in my neck!
Amy W.
Noticebly Effective for My Needs
I have worked with Patty since she opened Boulder Acupuncture Clinic in 2000. She has helped me using acupuncture, Chinese herbs, Moxa and cupping, vitamins and nutrition. I have gone to see her to fight off a cold, for injuries, for menopause and for chronic issues from past sports or auto accidents. Her acupuncture style is relaxing, gentle yet always noticeably effective for my needs. And she is isn't running from one client to another in the next room. She gives you her full attention for an hour appointment which is so rare today. In fact I refer many women and mothers to her as I am confident of her services for the entire family. Also, she is researching and current on all kinds of health headlines and always has a referral for me when I ask for a physical therapist or an exercise coach. Very accomplished and heads above the rest!
Karen Rice King
Amazing Healing and Gentle Touch
I've been going to see Patty at The Boulder Acupuncture Clinic since I was four years old. I started due to my asthma and allergies and Patty helped me learn that I'm lactose intolerant. In the following years, my asthma and allergies have improved and with Patty's amazing healing and gentle touch she has left a great impact on my life.
Josie Rudoff (17 years old)
Always Walk Out Feeling Better
Patty has been treating me for well over a decade, and in that time, she has seen be through two pregnancies and plenty of other ailments: viral, bacterial and muscular. Being a second grade teacher and mother of two young children, I hay fair share. I always tell my friends and colleagues that I don't even bother going to a western doctor anymore because they can't do anything for me, whereas when I go to see Patty, I always walk out feeling better immediately, and it only gets better from there.

Now she sees my children when their systems can't seem to fight off what they contract from school. My 9 year-old daughter asked me the other day out of the blue, "Mom, when do we get to go see Patty again?" You know when your child longs to go, it's gotta be something good.
Sarah K.
Profound and Life-Changing Results
The first time I received acupuncture from Patty, I had an injured leg that wasn't healing. Two different doctors told me just let it heal, there was nothing they could do. After 3 weeks my leg was unchanged, if not worse. Patty offered to treat my leg with acupuncture. Within hours, my leg started improving and after two more treatments, my leg was healed. After that, I was convinced of the healing power of acupuncture, as well as Patty's skill, knowledge, and care.

Patty has treated me for physical injuries, back pain, dietery issues, and emotional well being. My whole level of health is markedly improved under Patty's care. Patty is a delightful person with a great bedside manner. Her concern for my well being is always apparent.

I have recommended Patty to several friends and family. Those who have seen her for acupuncture treatment, have experienced the profound and life-changing results. I would recommend Patty to anyone and everyone! She is the great!
A Fan and Believer
I first went to Patty almost a decade ago after three years of Western medical attempts at reconciling a subareolar breast abscess. Their first solution was antibiotics every other month for life. After half a year of that and no abatement, I sought further medical help, which sent me into surgery for an incision and drainage that never closed. Two years of living with an open wound became my norm until a trip to Planned Parenthood sent me to another breast specialist. Not having health insurance at that time, I called to ask cost and other related questions regarding my history and what possible secret remedy could yet another Western medical breast specialist offer that the previous had not. Their answer, a partial mastectomy.

Patty, in one month's time of acupuncture and herbs, literally cured me and I kept my whole breast! Needless to say (get it? "Needle" inside the word "needless"?), I am a fan and believer of Patty and her treatments. She cares for me when I am sick with common colds and upsets. She tends to me when I am well, as that is when I have the tendency to make poor decisions that can cause an illness or upset. I feel so good I forget that I am mortal. She is my monthly maintainer, my oil change, my regulator, my balancer, my "way of the middle path" drill sergeant. I never hesitate to recommend her to the sick or the well. I believe in her that much.

Thank you Patty for continually tolerating me, and my inherent pendulum nature.
H. K.
Borders on Magical
Patty is a very caring individual and quite knowledgable about the body and its health. She is adroit at the use of both acupuncture and herbal medicine. As an added bonus, she can make back and muscle pain vanish with a touch that borders on magical.
Absolutely Amazing
It's Absolutely Amazing! I immediately began feeling better. I must admit, I'm impressed you have done what no Western Doc has been able to do, which is control my nausea and abdominal pain.
Fixed Ahead of Plans
I recently visited Patty with a back problem. She did a thorough exam and then prescribed an acupuncture treatment plan. Not only were the treatments a success but my ailment had been fixed ahead of plans.
My Most Sincere Recommendation
I heard of Dr. Patty Dautremont Johns and her practice of traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture by word of mouth. Armed with the positive testimonials of my friends counterbalanced by my natural skepticism concerning any "make-believe-instant-cure" I went to see Patty.

I have had osteoarthritis in the spine for twenty-five years, seen more back specialists than I care to remember. The pain (along with the painkillers) had reached levels where it was controlling my life. In short, what could I lose by seeing one more specialist? To make matters worse I had to set a time limit for my treatment. One month, from my first appointment with Dr. Dautremont Johns I'd move to another state. I didn't expect much to change in such a brief time span.

After the first treatment there was a noticeable improvement. My skepticism posed the argument that the arthritis was probably in an unusually good phase. After the third or fourth appointment there was no denying the fact, that the acupuncture was actually working. I experienced a lot less pain. I still don't know if arthritis actually can be cured, but acupuncture can eliminate much of the associated pain. With the reduction in pain level, I bid my skepticism farewell. I recognized that it was time to co-operate rather than to fight this "new" medical approach, which is actually ancient. By adding dietary and a few other lifestyle changes, the acupuncture was given better odds to succeed.

One month of acupuncture accomplished more relief than a combined twenty-five years of consulting doctors trained in western medicine. I can only give acupuncture, as practiced by Dr. Patty Dautremont Johns, my most sincere recommendation.
A Gifted Healer
Acupuncture, in combination with traditional western medicine, helps me maintain a high level of health and vitality. I have been very happy with Patty's care and consider her to be a gifted healer; she is not only skilled and experienced but wonderfully kind, attentive, and responsive.
Evi Bassoff
Needles the Right Points
Patty has been my acupuncturist for several years now. After attentively listening to my acute symptoms, whether a blocked emotion, physical pain, or simply feeling "off," she always needles the right points to bring me back into balance. Her years of experience and continual studies in acupuncture make her one of the best in Boulder.
Lori Batcheller
Licensed Physical and Massage Therapist
Certified Yoga Teacher
Prana Physical Therapy & Massage
Always Feel So Much Better
I have been a client of Patty Johns since 2000, which is 15 years and going strong! She is a fully licensed acupuncturist and also does Chinese Medicine using safe herbs.

I usually see Patty for a 'tune-up' every month just so I stay in good health but a couple of times a year when I need additional care I always choose Patty as my first lien of defense. On these occasions she does acupuncture and gives me Chinese herbs to knock out the 'uninvited guest'. I always feel so much better after seeing Patty and taking the necessary herbs. She is so knowledgeable, easy to talk with and has a great sense of humor. She is totally an outstanding acupuncturist and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking health through acupuncture. I have also recommended her to my family and friends.
Ann Lumia
Successfully Treated an Ovarian Cyst
About 20 years ago she diagnosed my celiac disease when my traditional doctor had given up. She also saved me from unneeded surgery when she successfully treated an ovarian cyst that a doctor said had to be removed.
Ellen Vineski
Chemical Sensitivities Gone!
I started seeing Patty for knee pain and after responding very well to acupuncture treatments. We talked about my chemical sensitivities. Patty uses a system of allergy elimination and desensitization called BioSET. Double benefit was I also received a full hour treatment that addressed other issues at the same time I was ridding myself of the sensitivities. Patty always offers more then acupuncture, her patience, support, research, tender care and masterful techniques make her a true healer.
Taulere Appel
An Amazing Healer
Patty is an amazing healer! I first went to see her right after I'd had a baby. She is not only great at post-partum, but also with babies, toddlers, children and women in general (as I now fit that category!). Patty listens well and is a very experienced and kind acupuncturist. She treats both acute and chronic issues but also just helps keep everything going…. I do believe I get fewer colds, etc. because of her regular treatments. I can't recommend her highly enough.
A Fantasic Doctor!
Patty is a fantastic doctor! Being under her care has significantly improved my quality of life. Patty's treatment and guidance has restored my vitality and inner peace. Im feeling younger every year.
Kirk Eppelsheimer
In Good Hands
Patty has been my acupuncturist for more than 15 years. I know I am in good hands with all my pains and imbalances. She is knowledgeable and approachable and I trust her unequivocally.
Inge Moorby
Amazing, Kind and Professional
I think Patty Johns is an amazing, kind and professional acupuncturist that I've experienced very beautiful healing work from. I would recommend her treatment programs I've seen her rehabilitate sprains and fractures excellent for pain management.
John Corsa