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About Us

Boulder Acupuncture Clinic is committed to helping patients achieve optimum health and well-being and build a strong support for a lifetime of good health. Established in 2000 by Patty Dautremont Johns, the clinic is committed to the care, nurturing, prevention, and treatment of each person in all segments of his or her life through: natural pediatric care; balancing physical and emotional health with a busy lifestyle; and helping seniors age gracefully and enjoy a high quality of life.

Our Mission

At Boulder Acupuncture Clinic we believe in identifying and treating the root cause of the problems. We have a range of acupuncture, Chinese Medicine and other treatments to help individuals.

Our primary importance is focus on the individual needs of the patient. The intent of the practitioner and that of the patient is an important aspect of the healing process. Patient and practitioner work together to solve health concerns, achieve greater health and well-being.

Our Philosophy

As practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, we are committed to providing excellent treatment, honesty and fairness to all patients.

We believe that every individual is a unique combination of lifestyle, beliefs, family history, nutrition and exercise, emotions and the physical body. Each treatment is individualized just for you to achieve optimum health. At Boulder Acupuncture Clinic we assists patients in identifying and improving those aspects of their health.

We bring the deep wisdom traditions embodied in acupuncture and Chinese medicine to assist patients in a healing process, to nourish vitality and restore balance in a way that aligns with nature and the health of mind, body and spirit.

Our Commitment to the Patient

  •    To treat all patients with respect and dignity.
  •    Put forth every effort to attentively listen and understand patients' needs.
  •    Strive to determine the underlying cause of a patient's problem to make the best remedial recommendations.
  •    Address all aspects of a patient including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical components.
  •    To be honest with patients and explain treatments thoroughly.
  •    Use only the modalities that fit within a patient's lifestyle and beliefs.
  •    Keep all patient information confidential.
  •    Refer to other health care professionals that will benefit patients.
  •    Assist and support patients with their own capacity of self-healing.
  •    Attempt to prevent disease and to make life much more enjoyable for the individual.




Helping heal your body, mind and spirit… Naturally