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Chinese Medicine

Chinese herbs have a history of use that goes back 5,000 years forming a deep and immense knowledge of medical science, theory, diagnostic methods, prescriptions and cures.

Chinese herbs are very powerful part of healing disease prescribed to normalize imbalances in the body. Chinese herbal medicine uses several hundred substances, mostly of plant origin such as: roots, seeds, berries, flowers, twigS and barks for medicinal purposes. Herbs are combined into a formula, which usually contains between 8 and 12 ingredients. It is the herbal synergy that is the strength behind Chinese herbal formulas. The exact combination is adjusted to suit the patient's individual condition and can be altered to changes with the needs the patient. With advances in clinical research, show Chinese herbal medicines to be successful in treating a range of disorders and preventing disease.

At the Boulder Acupuncture Clinic, we us herbs in pill form and capsules, as well as in granules to make a tea for individual patients. We use herbs prepared according to strict Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and subject to high levels of quality control.